All you need is love - Valentines Day celebrations with kids

While Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to remind your partner how much you love them and value their support, it’s also a chance to give a little extra love to the tiny people who stole your heart.

Here’s a few sweet ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids – we promise they will LOVE you for it!

♥️Mummy-and-Me Date

Schedule in a special activity or outing to a favourite place. This could be as simple as hot chocolate at your local cafe, or treat her (and you!) to a Mummy-and-Me Package at Pampered Princess. We offer great value packages for manicure, pedicure, or both, with option to add a delicious high tea. Mum’s mani/pedi is completed by our qualified nail tech, while your princess is attended to by our Blue Card-certified Fairy Godmothers. We guarantee you will both leave feeling the love!

Mummy & Me Valentines Day Packages

♥️Add a Little Extra Love to their Lunchbox

Send the kids off to school with a cute love note in their lunchbox, or go all out with a Valentine’s-themed bento lunch. Some ideas – red-coloured fruit, heart-shaped sandwich. If you’re at home with the littles, break out the heart-shaped cookie cutters and serve up heart-shaped toast or pancakes with berries for a yummy breakfast treat.

♥️Get Crafty

Let the kids loose with the craft box and create Valentine’s Day cards for each member of the family. Or, make up a batch of red-tinted playdough – a sure-fire way to your toddler’s heart! Add in a couple of drops of rose essential oil for extra sweet points. Here’s a great no-cook playdough recipe – it’s so easy, you’ll never buy it from the store again!

♥️Wear Red

Wear your heart on your sleeve today by dressing the kids in red. Do you love matchy-matchy outfits with your tribe? Go for it! We’d love to see your pics.

♥️Say it with Flowers

Don’t wait around for hubby to give you flowers … get outside with the kids and create your own gorgeous posies! Spend the morning foraging together, picking flowers and just generally stopping to smell the roses, so to speak.


Did you know children’s educator Maria Montessori recommended flower arranging for young kids, not just to appreciate the beauty of nature but also to develop mental skills in sequencing and order as well as practising using scissors and working on concentration.

Now, mama, let’s get onto those Date Night plans!

Now, mama, let’s get onto those Date Night plans! No babysitter? We have you covered! Bring the kids along to our Valentine’s Day Drop N Go Disco at Burleigh. Drop off from 5.30 – 8.30pm so you can enjoy dinner or even just a few quiet hours to yourselves. Tickets just $30 includes kids’ dinner plus neon dance party with entertainment and games. Bookings essential – find your tickets here.