It’s easy to feel overwhelmed trying to plan the perfect party for the little light of your life.

Our top tip? Don’t forget the fun!

Once you’ve decided on a location and theme, settled on the guest list, the menu and the cake, turn your mind to organising entertainment or party games.

Planned games or activities give the party structure and provide guests with a chance to interact while having fun together.

Of course, it’s great for kids to have free play time to mingle, but without some structure to keep guests engaged, you may find yourself with a bunch of sugared-up kids either running wild or getting bored, and possibly also tears when a friend is left out of the fun. Being ready to step in with a fun party game or activity creates a positive focus for little ones to channel their excitement.

Successful party entertainment can be as simple as running a few tried and trusted games, or an opportunity to take part in a unique activity, learn a creative skill, or be treated to a new experience.

The best place to start organising party games can be your own childhood. Think back to the games you loved – there’s a reason pass-the-parcel has been passed down through generations.

Our top tip? Don’t forget the fun!

Games kids love most are simple, familiar, exciting, and age appropriate.

Pampered Princess parties include fun party games with prizes, led by our Blue Card-certified party hosts to complement pamper or disco activities, depending on your chosen package.


Here’s a few of our favourite party games …

Musical Statues

Great for ages 3-10 and gets guests moving to their favourite music! All you’ll need is a speaker or just your phone with the tunes, plus your best dance moves of course. Whoever moves when you pause the music is out!

TIP: One kids are out, get them to play DJ and pause the music, or help spot the next person who moves. TIP: bonus prize for best dancer or wackiest moves!

Pass the Parcel

Another game that barely needs introduction, but will be missed if you don’t include it! Best for ages 4 and up, and can be tweaked to suit tween or teenage parties. Traditionally, the game was played with one prize wrapped in layers and layers of newspaper or wrapping paper. But nearly always now, there is a prize between every layer for each guest. Our version, Pass the Box, cuts down on too much paper waste as a box of prizes is passed around for guests to choose a prize from when it lands on them!

Treasure Hunt 

Kids of all ages love the excitement of a scavenger hunt, so use your imagination to create a hunt that works with your party space and theme with clues to suit the ages of your guests. You can use verbal or picture clues for younger kids, or more cryptic riddles for older guests, to lead them on a chase for the hidden ‘treasure’! The treasure hunt can be a trail from one clue to the next, landing on the final prize. Ensure clues are well-hidden, you don’t want guests finding them out-of-order!

Pampered Princess’ own version, the Treasure Box Decode, is one of our most popular games. The ‘treasure’ is hidden inside a locked box. Guests work together to solve clues and guess the numbers to the combination that will unlock the box!

Princess Catwalk

Tap into children’s love of role play and dressing up to create your own version of this fun activity. Let kids go crazy with an assortment of costumes for a fun fashion show, or make it a team activity by splitting guests into small groups. One ‘model’ is nominated from each group, who is dressed up for the catwalk by her team of ‘designers’. You can give each group a box of accessories; or for older girls, get wild by supplying tinfoil or toilet paper they must use to create an outfit for their model. Award prizes for ‘best outfit’, ‘most creative’, ‘best design’, etc.

Guess the Movie

 Perfect for princess parties, this is a good one to transition guests into sitting down for lunch, or just to level down the hype a notch or two. You will need to plan a playlist of favourite movie tunes, then play songs one-by-one until guests guess which film they’re from!

Planning a party for your tween or teen princess?

She will love these games …

Truth or Dare

Definitely a rite of passage, keep it light and fun by having pre-written ‘truth’ questions and dares for guests to pick, depending on their preference. You can incorporate this into Pass the Parcel by popping truth or dare cards between the layers.

Another popular version is Would You Rather? Guests can take turns to come up with their own wild alternative scenarios for friends to choose from, or have them already written out and place in a box to pass around. Need inspiration? Check out this list of 250 Would you Rather? Questions.

Wink Murder

Can you guess who the murderer is? They will love the intrigue of this game!

Everyone sits or stands in a circle with their eyes closed, except the birthday girl who sits out the first round and will secretly pick the murderer and detective. She taps a player once on the head to be the murderer, and another player twice on the head to be the detective.

All players can then open their eyes and the detective goes into the middle of the circle and guesses who the murderer is. The murderer must try to “kill” other players by winking at them, without catching the attention of the detective. Once the detective guesses correctly, she sits out the next round and picks the next detective and murderer.


Still feeling stressed about your role as party games host? Why not leave it all to us and book her dream party at Pampered Princess! We have locations at Coomera and Burleigh and a range of party packages to suit all ages and budgets. Our Fairy Godmothers love nothing more than entertaining your princess and her friends, so you can relax in our parents’ lounge and let the fun unfold.

Main pic: Foote Prints Photography