Kindness Campaign 2020

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Kindness Campaign 2020

Pampered Princess Kindness Campaign 2020

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and another opportunity to focus on being thoughtful and spreading love in our community.

Head Fairy Godmother Laura launched the yearlong Pampered Princess Kindness Campaign in January.

“I was shocked over the Christmas period to see so much nastiness. I witnessed so much impatience, lack of compassion and spiteful actions that I decided in 2020 I was going to do even more to spread kindness,” Laura says.

“Spreading kindness is at the heart of what we do and I want to launch some initiatives this year to do just that.”

Sometimes it’s easy to be kind, some days it’s harder. But being kind has such a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.


kindness campaign


The Chain of Kindness

And already, the chain of kindness is sparking beautiful acts in our community.

Earlier this month, Pampered Princess gave Facebook followers a $20 gift voucher to spend on a makeover, “just because”.

One of our lovely supporters (she’s happy to remain anonymous) decided to pay it forward, donating the remaining balance of a Mini Makeover for a special princess.

Here’s what she said:

“I wanted to see if I could do something a bit different, and use the voucher to buy a mini makeover that we can turn into a random act of kindness for a little princess who otherwise might not be able to have one,” she says.

“I don’t want any credit, I just like to try and do something nice when I can. My kids have everything they could ever need and we are lucky enough to be able to spoil them.

“But I know there are plenty of kids out there who aren’t in the same situation, or mums who would love to be able to spoil their girls but just can’t afford to, so if it would make someone’s day then it’s the least I could do.”

Do you know someone who should receive this heartfelt gift of a Mini Makeover? You can nominate her on our Facebook page today (February 17, 2020).

Do you Have your Magic Bumper Sticker?

The Pampered Princess Kindness Campaign began in January with the release of 200 bumper stickers.

Our Head Fairy Godmother (that’s her out and about in the hot pink pampermobile!) will pop a makeover gift voucher under the windscreen wiper of any parked car she spots displaying the bumper sticker.

Half of the stickers were given out at our Burleigh Grand Opening Day, but we still have some available to be collected from our Coomera salon.

Just pop in, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, and ask for yours!

Kindness Challenge

Today, on Random Acts of Kindness Day, we are also launching a personal Kindness Challenge.

Sometimes it’s easy to be kind, some days it’s harder. But being kind has such a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

Here’s some ideas to get you started. Keep an eye on our socials for more kindness challenges to be released during the week.

Let’s see if together we can share a little extra love with the community with random acts of kindness!

  • Give a compliment – yes it’s that simple! Give someone you meet today a compliment. If that makes you feel good, give another!
  • Introduce yourself to someone you often see around, but haven’t formally met. It could be your regular checkout assistant at the supermarket, or the mum whose school pickup routine is the same as yours.
  • Smile! See how many smiles you get in return!
  • Donate your children’s unused toys to charity.
  • Donate school supplies or books to your school office or library.
  • Make a care package for a family affected by fires or flood.
  • Offer to babysit for a neighbour or friend.
  • Read a book to a younger child (this one is great for older kids too!).
  • Make time to have a cup of tea with a neighbour.
  • Mail a handwritten letter or card to a friend you’ve lost touch with.
  • Leave change in the vending machine, shopping centre ride, or parking meter (if you can find one that still takes cash!).
  • Buy a coffee or meal for the person next in line at the café or drive-through.

Can you think of even more ideas or have you been touched by a random act of kindness? We’d love to hear from you!

Kindness campaign 2020

Spread kindness around like confetti.