In the world of MADMIA mixing patterns and colors is monumentally cool. Their girls’ brand started with colourful different socks sold in a pack of 2 that allow you to style them to your wishes and desires. They give you the satisfaction of comfort, good looking and very stylish feet.

Fancy Crew Socks

These eye-catching rainbow socks are sure to pop!


Hi Tops Crew Socks

Don’t worry, you won’t need to tie these laces!


Aloha Vibes Sloth Socks

Relax like a sloth and chill out!


Ballerina Socks

Wearing these, you’ll be the real dancing queen!


Candy Land Socks

These socks are twice the treat!


Colour Run Socks

Luckily, you won’t need to watch this paint dry!


Confetti Socks

Bright like the real deal, without the cleanup!


Dab Dance Unicorn Socks

Keep calm and dab! 


Disco Socks

Wearing these you’re sure to steal the dancefloor!


Dream, Believe, Achieve Socks

The three steps to success! 


Flying Unicorn Socks

Out-going socks with wings? Yes please!

$24.90 – $29.90

Follow Me Socks

For when you gotta let people know who’s in charge!


Fruity Flamingo Socks

Flamingos with some fruity treats!


Funkstar Socks

Totally retro, dude!


Koala Socks

As soft and cuddly as the real deal! 


Llama Drama Socks

Drama-free Llama socks!


Maze Socks

Step back into the 80s! 


Monster Socks

A couple of goofy monster friends!


Panda Socks

These pandas are super cute!


Party Owl Socks

Time to turn on dance mode!


Poo Emoji Socks

Fortunately, these aren’t smell-accurate!


Safari Socks

Beautiful, rainbow animal prints!


Space Travel Socks

Mission to ground control, these socks rule!


Spring Socks

 Vibrant colours popping on a classic backdrop!


Sugar Skulls Socks

Hearts, flowers and skulls are a look!


Summer Vibes Socks

Guaranteed to pass any vibe check!


Tie Dye Socks

A classic style, re-imagined! 


Unicorn Socks

Unicorns and ice cream, what’s not to love?

$19.90 – $24.90

Unicorn Magic Socks

These socks are absolutel wild!



Hugs and kisses!


Yin Yang Socks

Proving that black and white isn’t bland! 


Bows to Toes Socks

Classic rainbow socks with wild bows!


Bow-tiful Socks

For the ballerina that wants some more colour! 


Cheeky Cheetah Socks

Complete with a super cute cheetah friend!


Elephant Socks

Two cute elephant friends!


Fairy Dust Socks

Just a sprinkle of magic!


Girl Power Socks

Sometimes you just gotta show who’s boss!


Happy Unicorn Socks

These cheery socks are sure to keep your spirits high!


Ice Cream Socks

Don’t worry, they won’t melt!


Let’s Dance Socks

Bright! Vibrant! Glamorous!


Liquorice Bows Socks

Perfect for anyone looking to make a statement!


Madmax Socks

Become a camo dinosaur!


Mermaid Socks

 Something seems fishy about these socks!


Mini Pony Socks

Perfect for any unicorn enthusiasts!


No Probllama Socks

You know what’s sweet? Llamacorns!


Puppy Socks

Bark bark. WOOF!


Skatercorn Socks

Spread your wings and do some sweet tricks!


Sunset Socks

Share your love for horses with everyone!


Superhero Socks

Because, I mean, who doesn’t wanna be one?


Tribal Socks

Bold socks make a bold statement!


Under the Sea Socks

Perfect for any mermaid lovers! 


Sockstar Socks Pack

Choose four socks and become an absolute sockstar!


Unicorn Socks Pack

A great pack for any unicorn lover!


Glitz n Glam Socks Pack

A pack with a tonne of colour and fun!