Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids

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PLEASE NOTE: The Braid Bar can take a maximum booking of three attendees to each allocated time. If you have more than one attendee and wish to be allocated the same booking time, choose your first time with one Fairy Godmother, and then simply choose another Fairy Godmother to match available times. If you have more than three attendees, please create a separate booking for a separate time slot.

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Our signature braid style, dutch braids are a versatile hairstyle perfect for every Princess. Get the Princess rapunzel look with Dutch Braids, perfectly styled by your fairy godmother.

Adults or kids, Long or short, this style is great for any hair length and gauranteed to look amazing!

For the unicorn loving princess, add a little shimmer and shine with hair glitter and hair scent!

Add ons:

  • Hair Scent $5
  • Hair Colour & Glitter $5
  • Glitter Makeup $10
  • Face Jewels $5

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